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Monday, April 18, 2011

KUROSHIO - Sushi Bar and Grille

Fantastic KENNESAW, GA?!  Yes, it's true.  I do not consider myself a sushi "connoisseur" but I do know what good sushi is.  Kuroshio is a happy medium between your trendy Buckhead sushi restaurant and the down to earth family owned sushi bar.  Located in Kennesaw, GA off Barrett Parkway, it is available for families and college students alike.  This place is always crowded and I am not sure if reservations are accepted, but we always manage to get a table with little to no wait.  (If you're like me and can't always drag your little one to have a meal, they do offer to go sushi.)

I normally like to write about my first visit to a restaurant and describe the experience from start to finish.   However, I have been a frequent customer of Kuroshio ever since my husband took me there on our first date.  It was an impromptu date and we wanted sushi - and Kuroshio was the one place I knew of that was close by.  As far as our first date experience went, it was quite memorable!  We remember getting a large assortment of rolls and falling in love....with the MEGA CRUNCH ROLL.  We loved it so much that we ordered another glorious roll after we completed the feast of sushi we ate.  By then, we were already stuffed beyond satisfaction, but made room for the additional mega crunch roll.  Here are it's details:

Avocado, smoked, salmon, unagi and spicy crunchies.  Rolled to perfection and priced at $10, it has been described as truly orgasmic!

Like I said, I have frequented this restaurant over the past 2 + years so I have learned it's menu well.  While I have (while pregnant) eaten entrees other than sushi, I prefer one over the other.  That being said, it is a perfect place to bring those 'closeminded' friends of yours who don't enjoy sushi (Bree Bannerman!).  That way they can enjoy the BEST chicken fried rice, crispy calamari, and assortment of teriyakis. 

Among other rolls, here are the must tries:

Lovely Roll - kanikama and avocado rolled then topped with cream cheese, oven baked and garnished with sweet unagi sauce.

Sassy Nana - fresh salmon, asparagus and cream cheese rolled inside. topped with blue fin tuna, super white

and coated with our spicy sweet sauce, (one of the three “create your own sushi contest” winners!)

Valentine Roll - filled with blue fin tuna, fresh salmon, jalapeño, avocado, crunchies, cucumber and spicy aioli sauce, wrapped in japanese soy paper.

If that doesn't have your mouth watering for sushi, I don't know what will!  Just take my word for it and try it out.  Yes, I know Kennesaw is out in the "boonies" but it's worth it.  I drive out to restaurants in Atlanta that are worth should drive out to this one.  Also, try out their house Saki.  Smooth and delicious.  I believe they do Saki tastings occasionally, so check their website for details.

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